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Gender : Mies
Age : 37
Asuinmaa : Etelä-Korea
안녕 저와 친구할 사람 어디 없나요 일상이야기를 나눌 수 있는 편안한 친구를 찾고 있어요 じゃね 私と友達になる人どこかいませんか 日常の話ができる楽な友達を探しています 返事...
Gender : Mies
Age : 24
Asuinmaa : Others
日本の友達と連絡したいです 안녕하세요 일본인 친구들과 연락하고싶어요 日本語が下手です ㅜㅜ 관심있는친구들 한국어를 배우고 싶은친구들은 언제든 메시지 주세요韓国語に興味が...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 18
Asuinmaa : Itävalta
Hi Welcome to my profile and nice to meet you My name is Merve. I m 17 years old. My language is Turkisch and I m from Turkey. I live in Austria last 4 years so I ca speak Ferman. I love K pop, shinee...
Gender : Mies
Age : 33
Asuinmaa : Etelä-Korea
hi I live in seoul language exchange, cat, movie, music, travel i am simple but serious 안녕하세요 서울삽니다 언어교환, 고양이, 영화, 음악, 여행 뭐라고 적어야 하나. i joined it few days ago again i am waiting for y...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 23
Asuinmaa : Yhdysvallat
I would like to get to know people around the world and maybe learn a new language. I m a little awkward and somewhat antisocial but I m working on i...
Gender : Mies
Age : 39
Asuinmaa : Etelä-Korea
Hello, I am a Taurus man of type A who lives in Seoul, Korea. Since I don t have any foreign friends, I do penpal for the purpose of learning languages, exchanging cultures, and getting along with the...
Gender : Nainen
Age : 27
Asuinmaa : Brasilia
Hello, my name is Yula and I m a biomedical scientist. I live in Brazil and my hobbies include reading, watching old horror movies and cooking. I joined this site because I m looking for long term fri...
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